by Cecilia Wynn

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · 

In glowing clouds and radiant skies,

A dragon, kind and noble, flies

With fearsome claws and coils of mist,

Full mane of cloud crystal that glist.

Its wings like many sails unfurl,

To join a battle over pearl,

A war of dragons, awful fight!

The pearl of dragons most delight

Gives wisdom, luck and fortune--fame.

With icy breath and brilliance came

Into the lofty war alone,

He froze them all and held his own

To end as best in realms of myth.

His legend told to all forthwith.


He won the pearl and wisdom all,

And now seeks more--receives a call.

For with his wisdom, kindness spreads,

Prosperity from thinnest threads.