by Cecilia Wynn

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · 

These lives, they pass me by, few grip me by surprise.

I knew you caught my eye. If leaving you was fine,

I would leave this all behind, but if I can call you mine,

Paralysis might unbind, and become something divine.

These dreams, they soothe my thoughts, bring back those I forgot,

Then wake me sooner than I ought to find my words for naught,

Determinedly forgot, unheard, they flee, uncaught;

Yet stone will sooner rot, than love idle 'round distraught.

This fountain strikes swiftly, my heart's blood is purged with dye.

Pure red tore my system on the fly, when color found its meaning why

It symbolized both love and strife. It urges the shy to hesitate to deny,

"Why don't we just try?" in hopes you refrain from finalizing goodbye.

Come say to my soul who's wondering, what is the ending?

You know from love that I've been sending, it's you whom I'm befriending.

So don't hesitate to bring peace in responding, and end this, my longing.

Long I have wondered, your feelings, do they too reel unrelenting?❧ 

*Picture not by me