By Cecilia Wynn

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · 


"Oh sweet, what are you doing here?

Are you lost? No need to fear.

I'm happen to be an expert on taste.

I'll show you that there's no time to waste.

Let me show you what's cool, not you. 

I'll give you the thrill of wearing things new.

I'll treat you to cool heat on summer nights.

Walk through ringing tile and crystal lights

To live unworried, free, undisguised

And find the world seldom advertised.

A life apart from cares, you can only see 

This is, indeed, written in your destiny.

So don't hesitate now, you're in good hands

Since fate created our interwoven strands."



"You delivered her damaged

A girl not fit to be ravaged.

To join these delectable damsels

You keep sending me wounded examples

Of a harshness, cruelty, that exists

In the outside world that only twists

What is beauty into it's utter grotesque

Unsightly dystopia, too unpicturesque

To breach these towering halls

Of mosaiced mural walls,

This unclean deciever shall be

Thrown clean over the balcony.

To join the hounds in the crawling

And the servants in their hauling."



"Here you are we found you at last!

Do you know how much time has passed?

Of all the places you got lost in this version

Of our own home that continues to worsen.

The world is morphing and there is no return

To the innocence when we had years to learn.

This place is not our home. We must find

Somewhere kind where we won't be maligned. 

Let us collect our things and our thoughts

Escape into the night, away from gunshots."

Trauma holds the house frozen, we fall to our knees.

Our hope here is sinking. My bones, they just freeze.

This cold just sinks deeper, his stare on my shoulder

Screams hard to contain but his laugh burst out harsher.



We stumbled outside, dark fog clinging

A black car revved, the tire screech ringing. 

We froze in fear and fatigue weighed us down

Marking our footsteps across the moist ground.

I hung off their arms and clung to their sleeves,

Hoping they stay, not like a mirage that leaves.

We ran through the neighborhood formerly ours,

Now crawling with legions of predator cars.

Fog huffing surrounded our tremulous breaths

As we stood together and thought of our deaths;

Yet not of our own, but of one another's,

And yearning the past of life in bright colors. 

But clouded by mist and trapped as allure,

We live in this world, given strength to endure.

*Picture not by me