Negative Space Drawing

Cecilia Wynn--June 29, 2022



Cecilia Wynn--June 13, 2022

Digital Art on Krita

"나는 너고 너는 나야, 알겠니?

너는 나고 나는 너야, 알겠니?

우린 한 몸이고 부딪히겠지

우린 너고 우린 나야, 알겠니?"

~ SUGA of BTS, Interlude: Shadow 

Cecilia Wynn--January 30, 2022

Graphite Pencils (Study)

Hope World

Cecilia Wynn--December 26, 2021

Watercolor markers

Taylor Swift (study)

Cecilia Wynn--June 15, 2021

Graphite Pencil

Lady Reading by the Window

Graphite Pencils

February 6, 2021

English Pirate Captain

Graphite Pencils

January 2021

Winged Girl Sitting

Cecilia Wynn--November 13, 2020

Digital Art

Gentleman With Moustache

Cecilia Wynn--November 6, 2020

Graphite Pencils

Round Rock Spirit 

Contribution to Round Rock Sidewalk Chalk Show

Cecilia Wynn--October 3, 2020

Sidewalk Chalk and Soft Pastels

Hagia Sophia Cross-Section

Cecilia Wynn--2020-2021

Graphite Pencil

Pantheon Cross-Section

Cecilia Wynn--2020-2021

Graphite Pencil

Frank Zhang With Emily Zhang's Military Medal (Fanart)

Character belongs to Rick Riordan

Cecilia Wynn--2020-2021

Graphite Pencils

Hand Drawing

Cecilia Wynn--November 2019


Chair Negative Space

Cecilia Wynn--July 10, 2020


Plant In Wine Bottle Line Drawing

Cecilia Wynn--June 25, 2020


2019 and Before