120 Hours Architecture Competition 2022 Entry

This is a conceptual set of drawings on scenarios which compare and contrast the meaning and representation of dystopia and utopia. The task of the 2022 120 Hours Competition (120hours.no) was to create drawings of visionary architecture, one expressing a dystopia, then one expressing the same setting as a utopia.

The drawings are accompanied by description of the scenario in which each structure exists. The post-apocalyptic stories provide background on the perspective of the individuals who would dwell in the structures. The population's viewpoints tell more about what might be the deciding factors distinguishing a dystopia from a utopia and why people would have differing views.

The drawings are done in graphite pencils and colored with watercolor.

120 Hours is an international architecture competition based in Oslo, Norway. The competition is open to those interested in architecture around the world who are in high school and college.