120 Hours Architecture Competition 2021 Entry

This is an original solution created by Cecilia Wynn, Ruby Wynn, and Maya Urdy, for the assignment given by 120 Hours. (120hours.no) The assignment was to design a space for play, teaching, and gathering for a school, Eco Moyo, in rural Kenya that provides free primary education to local underprivileged children.

The design uses local materials to create a space efficient and inexpensive center for gathering and doing activities. Our mission was to make a unique form that was unique from the other school buildings but still fit in to their preferred style of modern architecture. The title was inspired by the motif of circles in the design which resemble cells in biology going through mitosis.

This was my first time using Google Sketchup for any 3D rendering.

120 Hours is an international architecture competition based in Oslo, Norway. The competition is open to those interested in architecture around the world who are in high school and college.